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1.  All R/C pilots using the field are required to adhere to the current AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code and the Converse Flying Eagles Field Safety Rules. 

(Link to AMA Safty Rules)


2.All R/C flyers using the Converse Flying Eagles Field are required to be an AMA member and encouraged to be a Converse Flying Eagles club member. Guest flying privileges are available to AMA members when accompanied by a club member. Non-members using the field to fly are advised that they are not entitled to member benefits, including liability insurance.

3. Vehicles are not permitted on the grass runway. Flying is not permitted over buildings, vehicles, spectators, pit area or behind flight line.

4. Only R/C pilots (club members) and their designated crew members are permitted in the pit area or on the flight line. Spectators (non-club members) are not permitted beyond the spectators fence without the specific permission of a member pilot.

5. R/C pilots should have a spotter when 2 or more planes are in the air. All FPV flights require having a spotter if flying with other non-FPV pilots.  

6. All FPV pilots are responsible for their own video frequency management to ensure a safe flight. 

7. The use of alcohol or illegal drugs while flying radio control aircraft is strictly prohibited. The entire field is designated as a non-smoking area. Disruption or annoyance to fellow flyers will be grounds for expulsion.

8. Club officers hold authority over all actions on the Converse Flying Eagles Flying Field.


1. All R/C pilots using non-spread-spectrum systems are required to obtain and have in their possession a frequency pin, which can be obtained from the frequency box before turning on their transmitter. When frequency sharing is required, pilots shall limit their frequency use to 15 minutes

2. The pit area is defined as the area between the spectators fence, up to and including the start tables. The flight line is defined as a line in front of and parallel to the start tables.

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